Hair Regrowth

Sunetics Non-invasive Laser Treatment for Hair Regrowth

The world’s best for non-surgical hair improvement

The Sunetics model clinical laser system, the most powerful Low Level Laser Therapy device currently available in the international market, utilizes 107 laser modules and proprietary control software to ensure safety and efficiency.

The doctor’s choice for low level laser therapy

For those who don’t want to deal with any chemicals or induced

Hair Regrowth in Surrey, BC
Hair Regrowth in Surrey, BC
medical treatments, there is Laser Hair Therapy. The Sunetic Laser uses low-level laser technology for stimulation and regeneration of hair follicles. The light emitted from the laser stimulates hair follicles with the energy needed to activate dramatic hair growth factors. This device helps restore a healthy hair cycle. Sunetics laser hair therapy is a non- systemic and non-surgical procedure that addresses hair loss at the cellular level.

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    Hair Regrowth – Ageless Beauty Laser & Spa

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