Pollogen Body Contouring

We all have them… Trouble areas. And despite our best efforts with diet and exercise, there are areas of our bodies that we can’t seem to change… Mummy Tummy, saddle bags, wiggle-wave arms, stubborn fat pockets, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin. Pollogen BODY Treatments finally offer you a truly effective way to combat these trouble zones without invasive and expensive surgery. This breakthrough treatment combines multiple technologies that allows us to release fat in targeted areas, smooth cellulite, tighten and tone stretched skin, and contour your body to fine-tune what you work so hard to achieve.

Pollogen Body Treatments

The non-surgical tightening & toning solution to reshape & contour your body exactly where you want.

Lose Stubborn Fat
Target trouble areas by spot-reducing fat in the precise area that is bothering you.
Reduce Cellulite
The combined fat reduction with skin tightening improves the appearance of cellulite.
Tighten Loose Skin
Combat “Mommy Tummy”, “wiggle-wave” arms, and wrinkled hands without surgery or invasive measures.
Improve Stretch Marks
Tighten and tone stretched skin and improve the skin texture to improve the appearance of stretch marks.


Results are observed with each treatment, however results vary with each client and depend on a variety of factors such as hormones, diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.
No. This is a noninvasive procedure and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities right after the treatment. You may feel some tenderness in the treatment area right after the treatment but that will go away within a day or two
The results of EndyMed Pro 3D are long lasting, however the longevity of the results maintenance of the results depends on a variety of factors. For example, for EndyMed Pro 3D body contouring, the longevity of the results depends on factors such as calorie intake, exercise, lifestyle, etc.
There is minimal discomfort with this procedure.
The RF can be used to treat most body areas. The only parts that should not be treated are the breasts, genitals, underarms, directly over the eyes (below the bone) and the thyroid area. The Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) should not be performed on the temples, the neck, thorax area, around the mouth (perioral) and around the eyes (periorbital).
Glycerin was found to be the most suitable material due to its high resistance to RF. It allows the RF to penetrate to the deep layers while preventing the epidermal layer from becoming overheated or harmed. Glycerin is also widely used in the cosmetics industry as a safe and beneficial component, in addition to helping the applicator glide comfortably over the skin and keeping it feeling cool.
  • There is no need for cooling with Pollogen Body contouring treatments. Pollogen has developed an electronic control mechanism that rotates between the three electrodes to prevent overheating of any one electrode. This makes it a safe treatment.
  • The objective of the procedure is to reach a skin temperature of between 40 and 42 C and maintain it for the indicated exposure time. The skin temperature is monitored throughout the procedure using a non-contact infrared thermometer
  • The Pollogen treatment selectively heats the fat cells in the deep and superficial adipose layers simultaneously. Heating the fat cells increases their natural metabolism, resulting in increased secretion of fatty acids into the surrounding extracellular space. The heating also increases the blood circulation in the area, accelerating metabolism that physically helps the blood and lymphatic system dispose of the fatty acids naturally.
  • There is a possibility of enhanced heat sensation near bony areas. This is because skin is thinner adjacent to bones. However this is tolerated well by patients.

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  • Excess hair may need to be shaved.
  • Be well hydrated prior to treatment
  • Body piercings may need to be removed if under or near the treatment area.
  • Notify clinic of any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment.


  • Redness and swelling may occur and typically resolve within a few days.
  • Multiple treatments may be required.
  • Notify clinic if any of the following occur:
    • Blister, crusting or skin burns
    • Tenderness, redness or swelling persisting longer than a few days


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