Carbon Laser Facial

V Carbon is a modular system made up of 2 products (V Carbon Film and V Carbon Spray) that allows to make Medium or Deep peeling treatments depending on the patient’s needs.
This is possible thanks to the manageable, regenerating and brightening qualities of the natural exfoliating agents (Ferulic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Lactic Acid), to the antioxidant components (Black Ginger extract and Liquorice extract) and to the famous properties of the Carbon itself (purifying and detox).
V Carbon Spray regulates the depth of treatment by blocking the action of the Film, but at the same time, give an immediate lifting effect thanks to the presence of specific micronized hexapeptides.

The first anti-aging peeling with activated carbon

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes acne, scars and discoloration
  • Evens out and improves skin texture
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Provides lifting effect
  • Cleans and tightens dilated pores and removes dead cells from the superficial epidermal layer for better skin appearance
  • Laser heats up the carbon particles which stimulates better circulation of the skin
  • Cleans up by burning impurities absorbed by carbon particles
  • Laser collagen production as well helps with penetration of the anti-ageing ingredients of carbon


There is no pain with the Carbon Laser Peel. During the procedure you may experience slight tingling and warmth on the skin, which is normal while the laser zaps away the thin layer of Carbon.
  • Activated Charcoal powder – absorbs impurities from pores, makes pores appear smaller. Particularly great for oily and acne prone skin.
  • Lactic Acid (7%) –AHA (derived from milk) notable for being gentler, more hydrating and more effective in treating sun damaged skin.
  • Mandelic Acid (6.6%) – AHA (from bitter almonds). Larger molecule so takes longer to penetrate but doesn’t penetrate as deep as glycolic, so less irritating. Great for darker skins.
  • Glycolic Acid (1.7%) – the smallest molecule AHA (from cane sugar) and most effective to go deep into the skin
    Vit C (ascorbic acid) ( 0.5%)- anti oxidant, anti – ageing, lightening.
  • Ferrulic Acid (0.1%) – anti oxidant, stabilizes and enhance proprieties of Vit C.
  • Ginger Extract – anti inflammatory.
  • Licorice extract – anti inflammatory, helps to control oil production, soothe acne prone skin.
The number of treatments required depends on a variety of factors such as hormones, skin condition, expected results, home care, etc.
Instant brightening is observed after each treatment. The results can be observed for up to 4 weeks after the treatment.
There is no downtime with the Carbon Laser Peel. Dryness, mild flaking or breakouts may be observed after the treatment. Sun Protection is strongly recommended after the treatment to avoid damaging the newly rejuvenated skin.
All body parts can be treated with the Carbon Laser Peel.
  • The Carbon Laser Peel is contraindicated in women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, clients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Discontinue the use of accutane minimum of 6 months prior to the treatment.
The Carbon Laser Peel can be performed for both men and women. The Carbon Laser Peel is designed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, minimize acne, scars and discoloration, evens out and improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production, provide a lifting effect, clean and tighten dilated pores and remove dead cells from the superficial epidermal layer for better skin appearance.
Yes, Carbon Laser Peels are safe and effective.


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  • Discontinue the use of Accutane a minimum of 6 months prior to the treatment.
  • Discontinue the use of retinol and hydroquinone a minimum of 7 days prior to the treatment.
  • Avoid waxing and unprotected sun exposure for a minimum of 7 days prior to the treatment.
  • Avoid skin treatments a minimum of 14 days prior to your appointment (ex. Botox/ Fillers, microneedling).


  • Avoid heavy exercise, swimming pools and saunas for a minimum of 48 hours after your treatment.
  • Avoid the use of Retinols and hydroquinone for 48 hours after your treatment.


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