EndyMed Pro 3D

EndyMed body contouring is a treatment received by many celebrities , including Kim Kardashian. The EndyMed PRO is based on EndyMed’s unique, FDA cleared 3DEEP Radio Frequency (RF) technology, the most advanced and effective RF treatment technology offered in the market. The EndyMed PRO offers impressive results with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime after treatments.

Real Results, No Pain, No Downtime!

The EndyMed Pro Advantage

The most effective and flexible RF non -invasive treatment solution that offers consistent and remarkable results with minimal downtime after treatments.

Remarkable flexibility- the EndyMed PRO is available with an extensive range of handpieces that are customized for different applications and treatment areas.

Fast walk-in/walk-out procedures for your optimal treatment satisfaction.

Noticeable immediate improvements with long term results and is suitable for all skin types.


Results are observed with each treatment, however results vary with each client and depend on a variety of factors such as hormones, diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.
No. This is a noninvasive procedure and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities right after the treatment. You may feel some tenderness in the treatment area right after the treatment but that will go away within a day or two
The results of EndyMed Pro 3D are long lasting, however the longevity of the results maintenance of the results depends on a variety of factors. For example, for EndyMed Pro 3D body contouring, the longevity of the results depends on factors such as calorie intake, exercise, lifestyle, etc.
There is minimal discomfort with this procedure.
  • 3DEEP™ is a unique radiofrequency technology because it can regulate the depth and power of the radiofrequency that is being administered to the skin.
  • Monopolar / Unipolar RF: The radiofrequency travels in an uncontrolled manner through the body, which may be painful and unpleasant for the client. Thus, vigorous skin cooling is required throughout the treatment.
  • Bipolar and X-polar RF: The radiofrequency travels superficially and thus is not as efficient. Cooling is required to safeguard the skin.
  • 3DEEP® RF – The radiofrequency travels deep, is controlled and is targeted with limited energy traveling on the surface of the skin. Cooling is not required.

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  • Excess hair may need to be shaved.
  • Be well hydrated prior to treatment
  • Body piercings may need to be removed if under or near the treatment area.
  • Notify clinic of any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment.


  • Redness and swelling may occur and typically resolve within a few days.
  • Multiple treatments may be required.
  • Notify clinic if any of the following occur:
    • Blister, crusting or skin burns
    • Tenderness, redness or swelling persisting longer than a few days


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